How do I manage referrals to unclaimed programs?

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Users with Site Administrator privileges have access to a variety of tools that allow them to customize aspects of their site in real time, manage their users’ permissions and manage user groups. Under the Customize my Site tool, Site Administrators can update whether or not users can send referrals to unclaimed programs.


What is Unclaimed Program Referrals?

By default, programs do not have to be claimed to receive referrals through findhelp. If we find that a program accepts emailed referrals and lists the email where those referrals should go, we’ll turn on referrals for that program. This way, the program can receive our standard email notification letting them know that someone is interested in their program. However, some organizations would prefer that their users only refer to claimed programs. The Unclaimed Program Referrals toggle allows your organization with the option to curate the experience of your staff and community. 

Best practice is to allow unclaimed programs to receive referrals so that program can receive our standard email notification letting them know that someone is interested in their program and support our commitment to the value of the open network. However, if your organization is still interested in adjusting this feature, partner with your Customer Success Manager to discuss this feature as a part of your organization's larger community engagement strategy.

How Do I Update Unclaimed Program Referrals? 


Before making any updates to the Unclaimed Program Referral toggle, consult with your Customer Success Manager to understand and assess the impact.

To update Unclaimed Program Referral, navigate to the Customize My Site tool:

1. On the top toolbar click Site Tools, then select Customize My Site.


2. Scroll down the page until you see the Unclaimed Program Referral section.


3. By default the toggle will be green, indicating that referrals can be sent to unclaimed programs. To not allow referrals to be sent to unclaimed programs, click the toggle so that it appears white. 


4. To save any changes in this space click Save & View at the bottom of the page.



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