How do I Feature a program?

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Featured Programs allow your organization to bring key programs to the top of relevant search results. These may be trusted programs, partners, or your organization’s own programs. Featuring programs helps users on your site find and connect to programs that your organization has chosen to promote, and can indicate the reason that a program is featured so that users understand the value of these programs. Featured Programs are a great way to promote your Trusted Network of partners to your staff and community.


How Do I Enable Featured Programs?

Your organization can set up various feature program labels. For each feature program label, you can customize the text of the feature label, the help text that appears, and the ranking of different labels.


Your Customer Success Manager completes the initial  set-up of the Feature Program label(s). Then your designated Site Administrators can feature your programs using the Featured Program tool.


  1. Feature labels must be set up for each site individually. So if you want to add, update or remove a feature label on your organization’s staff and community sites, you must log into each site to make the update.
  2. A program can only have one feature label.


How Do I Feature Programs?

Step 1: Gather Program Information

First, you need to identify the programs that you would like to feature. You need the program URL or provider URL to use in the Featured Program tool.

1. Navigate to the program you would like to feature.

  • To feature only the single program, click on the Program name.
  • To feature all programs offered by a provider, click on the Provider name.


2. After you click the name of the program or provider, copy the URL of this page. You can copy the URL by right clicking on the URL and then selecting Copy from the menu that appears. 




  • Please ensure that you are copying the program or provider URL, and not the search URL. If you are featuring all programs from one provider, this tool will feature the programs that are associated with the provider at the time you are featuring them.
  • If additional programs are added to this provider at a later date, you can go back into the Featured Program tool and:
    • Add the new programs to be featured, or
    • Re-submit the provider URL to feature the new programs.

Step 2: Access the Featured Program Tool 

3. Log into your account (Reminder: This feature is only available to Site Administrators). 

4. Click on the Site Tools menu and select Featured Programs. 


Step 3: Feature Your Programs 

In the Featured Programs tool, locate the Add a New Featured Program section at the top of the page

5. Paste the program or provider URL into the Treat program listings for text box by right clicking on the text box and selecting Paste from the menu.

6. Select which label you want this program(s) to have from the Select an Option dropdown menu.

7. Click OK.


8. Repeat these steps for each program or provider you’d like to feature.

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