Why should I Feature a program?

Tier: Professional, Enterprise


Featured Programs allow your organization to bring key programs to the top of relevant search results. These may be trusted programs, partners, or your organization’s own programs. Featuring programs helps users on your site more easily find and connect to programs that your organization has chosen to promote. Your organization can customize the name of your featured programs and can add information text to help users understand the value of these programs.


What Kinds of Programs Should My Organization Feature?

There are many reasons an organization may choose to feature specific programs. When determining which programs you would like to feature, consider the following:

  • Does my organization offer programs that we’d like our seekers to find on our findhelp platform?
  • Which programs and providers does my organization have a relationship with?
  • Which programs have our seekers provided positive feedback about?
  • What is the target population that my organization is trying to reach?

How Are Featured Programs Helpful to People Looking for Services?

Featured programs appear at the top of the list of relevant search results which helps ensure these programs are the first ones a user sees when they review their search results.

Featured Programs include an indicator on the program card with the title of the feature flag.  In addition, information about the featured program   appears when you hover your mouse over the ”i” icon to the right of the label text. This information helps users understand why a program is featured and  is entirely customizable by your organization. Multiple types of feature flags can be configured on a site.


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