How do I create a group?

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Groups give your organization access to different site tools on, , allow for team collaboration, and permit sharing of navigation information between users.

Using the User and Groups Management Tool, Site Admins can create new groups. For any group created, individuals in that group can:  

You also have the ability to set up permission to share navigation information such as Referrals and Assessments.

Creating Groups

To create a group on your site, access the User and Group Management Tool:

1. Click on the Site Tools menu and select Site Tools.


2. From the Site Tools page, click Manage users and groups.


3. Once in the User and Group Management Tool, click on the clipboard icon on the left menu to open the manage groups page.


4. Next, to add a group, click the plus sign on the right. This opens up the Groups details page.


5. Enter the Group Name and Description.



When setting up a group, the Site Admin can elect to turn on Team Navigation by clicking the checkbox in the Permissions box. Team Navigation allows for the sharing of referral and all navigation activity with other members in that group. This feature is designed for care teams that share referral or navigation information across their team.

When enabled, Team Navigation automatically shares the following information across the group:

  • Submitted Referrals
  • Submitted Assessments
  • Navigation Notes
  • Goals


If a user is in two groups with team navigation enabled, those actions are automatically shared to all members in both groups.

Once you have entered in all the details for the group and selected the appropriate permissions, click Save to create the group. 


Once a group is saved site admins or group managers can add users to the group. View the following article to learn how to add users to a group.

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