How do I add users to a group?

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All users can create an account on any findhelp site. However, your organization can authorize users on your site to have additional functionality and report access. Site Administrators and Group Managers can use the User and Group Management tool to manage user permissions and create groups for your site. Groups allow users to share favorite folders, notes, assessments, and navigation history with each other.

Adding a Single User to a Group


Access the How do I create a group? article to learn how to create a group

To add users to a group on your site, access the User and Group Management Tool:

1. Click on the Site Tools menu and select Site Tools.


2. From the Site Tools page, click Manage users and groups.


Once in the User and Group Management Tool, you are taken directly to the Manage Users page. 

3. Select the plus sign on the right of the manage users page to open the Add New User form. Fill out the contact information of the user.



4. Click Edit User’s Groups and select the groups for that user by checking the box to the left of the group’s name.


5. Click Done to close the group selection menu, then click Save to save the user’s settings.


When assigning groups, they need to be set up in advance from the manage groups page.

If the user is a brand new user, they receive an email with a link to verify their account and set their password. This link expires after 24 hours and cannot be resent. If the user does not use these links within the 24 hours, they can go through the password reset workflow on your site to follow the exact same process as what was sent in the email.

User Status

On the manage users page, you can view the status of each user: 


  • Active users are live provisioned users for the site.
  • Pending means that the user’s account access is pending approval. The pended user will have access once they approve their account via the email link or by resetting their password.
  • Inactive means the Site Administrator has revoked the user’s provisioned status and removed them from groups. An inactive user can still log into their findhelp account and access their activities.
  • The Lock icon indicates that the Site Administrator has chosen to “lock” the user’s account, which prohibits the user from logging in.

Adding Multiple Users to the Same Group

The best way to add multiple users to the same group is through the Manage Group page. 

On the User and Group Management Tool, click the clipboard icon from the menu on the left to open the manage groups page. 


On the Manage Group page,

1. Select the group you want to add users to by clicking on the group’s name. (Note: do not click on the checkbox next to the person’s name)

2. Click the Pencil icon to edit the group.


3. Scroll down to the User box and click Add User.

4. Enter the user’s email addresses. To add multiple users, enter multiple addresses separated by a comma.

5. Click Add to Group.


6. Users that already have an account on your site with the email address you entered are added to your group. If all the users you entered have an existing account, you see a confirmation message. 


7. For users that do not already have an account on your site, you are prompted to invite them to create an account. First Name and Last Name are required fields to create a user account. Enter the names of each user and click Invite.


Each user receives an email to validate their account. Once validated, their User status changes from pending to active and they are part of the Group.


The link in the email expires after 24 hours. If the user does not create their account within the 24 hours, direct the user to follow the password reset workflow.

8. Click Save on the footer of the Edit Group page


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