Why can I see some existing groups?

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All users can create an account on any findhelp site. However, your organization can authorize users on your site to have additional functionality and report-ability. Site Administrators and Group Managers can use the User and Group Management Tool to manage user permissions and create groups for your site. Groups allow users to share favorite folders, notes, assessments, and navigation history with each other. 

The different types of groups you and your organization can expect to see in the User and Group Management Tool  include: 

  • Standard Groups - These groups automatically exist on every customer site and cannot be deleted.
    • Site Admin
    • Aggregate and PII Reporting Access - (PII = Personal Identifiable Information)
    • Aggregate-Only Reporting Access
    • PII-Only Reporting Access
  • Team-Based Groups - These groups are created by the customer and can be set up for collaboration. 

Standard Groups

Standard groups exist by default on every customer site. You and your organization can manage what users are provisioned to each of these groups.  The four standard groups are: Site Admin, Aggregate and PII Reporting Access, Aggregate-Only Reporting Access, and PII-Only Reporting Access.

Site Admin

The Site Admin group provides access to the Site Management Tools, including the User and Group Management Tool and the Featured Programs tool.

Aggregate and PII Reporting Access

The Aggregate and PII Reporting Access group allows access to Site Analytics reports, which includes aggregate reports and reports that contain Personal Identifiable Information(PII), such as names and email addresses.

Aggregate-Only Reporting Access

The Aggregate-Only Reporting Access group allows the user to have access to aggregate Site Analytics only.

PII-Only Reporting Access

The PII-Only Reporting Access group allows users to only have access to Site Analytics that contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII).


If a user requires access to all aggregate and all PII reports, the user must be assigned to the Aggregate and PII-Reporting Access group.

Learn more about the reporting access groups here: How do I provide someone with access to analytics?

Team-Based Groups

Team-based groups can be set up for collaboration between users. Users in any group can share Program Notes and share Favorite folders

 The Site Admin can elect to turn on Team Navigation when setting up a group. Team Navigation automatically shares all navigation activity with the other group members. This feature is designed for care teams that share referral or navigation information amongst their team.

 When enabled, Team Navigation automatically shares submitted referrals, submitted assessments, navigation notes, and goals with the entire group.


If a user is in two groups with Team Navigation enabled, their actions are automatically shared to all members in both groups.

To learn more about how to add users to groups here: How do I add users to a group?

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