How do I add users to my site? (with single sign-on)

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All users can create an account on any findhelp site. However, your organization can authorize users on your site to have additional functionality and report access. Single sign-on (SSO) functionality gives your site the ability to automatically create user accounts upon a user’s first time accessing the site and automatically assigns those users to a group. Site Administrators and Group Managers can use the User and Group Management tool to manage additional user permissions and create groups for your site.

Learn more about setting up single sign-on here: Single Sign-On (SSO)

How Do I Add Users to My Site?

When a user accesses your site for the first time using single sign-on (SSO), their account can be automatically created without any manual intervention by passing in the required information about a user from your Active Directory system to your findhelp site.

Configure Single Sign-On

Various user attributes from your Active Directory system can be sent to your findhelp site to automatically create a user account. Email, Name ID, First Name, and Last Name are required attributes for a user account to be created on your findhelp site. Title, Department, and Group are additional fields that can be configured but are not required for a user account to be created.

Work with your organization's Active Directory Administrator and Customer Success Manager to ensure all required and desired attributes are passed from your Active Directory system to your findhelp site. 

(Optional) Add Additional Users to Your Site

Your organization may have users who should be able to access your findhelp site but do not have an account in your organization’s Active Directory system. In this case, Site Administrators or Group Managers can manually add users or remove users on your site. 

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