How do I remove users from my site (with single sign-on)?

Tier: Enterprise


Single sign-on (SSO) functionality gives your organization the ability to automatically create and provision user accounts on your findhelp site. Site Administrators and Group Managers can use the User and Group Management tool to manage additional user or group permissions for your site.

How Do I Remove Users From My Site?

When a user attempts to log into your site through single sign-on, a request is sent to your organization’s Active Directory system to validate the user’s information. If a user’s account has been removed or deactivated in your Active Directory system, there are no further actions you need to take on your findhelp site to remove these users, as they have no way to log in to the site with the account that they previously accessed via single sign-on.

Optional- Deactivate User Accounts On My Site

When a user’s account has been deactivated in your Active Directory system, their account on your findhelp site will remain in an active status. If the user attempts to log into findhelp, single sign-on will fail to authorize them. As the user has no way to log into the account, it is no longer used and there are no issues caused by the account remaining in an active status.

You may optionally choose to manually deactivate these user accounts so that they no longer appear as active within the User and Group management tool, which can help you keep track of the active users on your site. See How Do I Remove a User From My Site? to learn how to manually deactivate user accounts.

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