How do I add multiple users to my site?

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All users can create an account on any findhelp site. However, your organization can authorize users on your site to have additional functionality and report-ability. Site Administrators and Group Managers can use the User and Group Management tool to add new user accounts and manage user permissions.

How Do I Add Multiple Users to My Site?

To add a user to your site, you must have Site Administrator or Group Manager privileges.


To add multiple users at once, you must add them to a specific group. If the group has not been created access the How do I create a group article.

1. Click on the Site Tools menu and select Site Tools from the drop-down menu.


2. From the Site Tools page, click Manage Users and Groups.


3. Open the Manage Groups page by selecting the clipboard icon on the left side of the page.


4. Click the name of the group you wish to add users to.


5. Click the Pencil icon the group preview to edit the selected group. This opens the Edit Group page.


6. Click the +Add Users button.


7. For each user you wish to add to the site, enter their email addresses separated by commas.

8. Click Add to Group.


9. Users that already have an account on your site with the email address you entered are added to your group. If all the users you entered have an existing account, you see a confirmation message. 


10. For users that do not already have an account on your site, you are prompted to invite them to create an account. First Name and Last Name are required fields to create a user account. Enter the names of each user and click Invite.


The link in the email expires after 24 hours. If the user does not create their account within the 24 hours, direct the user to follow the password reset workflow.


11. Click Save on the footer of the Edit Group page.

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