What can a Site Administrator do?

Tier: Basic, Professional, Enterprise


Users with Site Administrator privileges have access to a variety of  tools that allow them to customize aspects of their site in real time, manage their users’ permissions, and manage user groups. Every site has at least one Site Administrator, although there is no limit to how many users may be granted Site Administrator privileges.


There are no limits to the number of site administrators on your site.

What Features do Site Administrators Have Access to?

Site Administrators have access to a Site Tools menu located on the top toolbar. From here, they can access the following tools:



The Site Tools page also includes a Product Tour and Analytics access, although these tools are not exclusive to Site Administrators.


How Do I Customize My Site?

The Customize My Site tool allows Site Administrators to make changes to the look and feel of their branded site in real time, including the ability to update:

  • Logos and Images
  • Navigation Menu Bar Color
  • Text Above the Zip Code Search Box 

Additionally, Site Administrators can update some aspects of the site functionality and reporting settings, including:

  • Unclaimed Program Referrals- Decide whether or not users can send referrals to unclaimed programs.
  • Search Focus Results -  Curate the search experience for your users by boosting programs with specific service and/or situation tags so that they appear higher in search results. 
  • Reporting Service Area -  Update the geographic area used to determine the aggregate data available in your findhelp analytics suites. Note: The value you enter does not change program search, which will continue to be available to everyone in the country. 

Work with your Customer Success Manager to understand and assess the impact of these features before updating! 

Learn how to customize your site here: Customize My Site Tool

How Do I Manage Users and Groups?

The User and Group Management tool allows Site Administrators to provision users, create teams for collaboration, and assign access to tools.

Examples of actions that a Site Administrator can take using this tool include:

Learn more about the maintaining site users and Groups here: Maintaining Users and Groups

How Do I Feature Programs?

Using Featured Programs, Site Administrators can configure their site to flag identified programs to appear at the top of search results to point their users to programs that your organization would like to promote.

Learn how to feature programs on your site(s) here: How do I Feature a program?

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