Why do I need to add users and groups to the site?

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All users can create an account on any findhelp site. However, your organization can authorize users on your site to have additional functionality and access to reports. Site Administrators and Group Managers can use the User and Group Management tool to manage user permissions and create groups for your site. Groups allow users to collaborate via share favorite folders, notes, assessments, and navigation history with each other.

Why Do I Need to Add Users to My Site?

Users that are provisioned by a Site Administrator, Group Manager, or provisioned via Single sign-on on your site have access to additional tools that cannot be accessed by anonymous users. Additionally, within your analytics suite, the activity of provisioned users can be reviewed in more detail than that of anonymous users.

Features and Tools

Once a user creates an account, they have access to additional tools based on who they are and how they use the platform. These tools include:

Provisioned users also have access to the following tools if enabled on your site:

These users can be given additional privileges by becoming a Group Manager.


Within your analytics suite, you can access reports that show how provisioned users are interacting on your site:

  • Using the Group and Navigator Activity Dashboard, you can understand if staff users are logging in and who the most active staff users are.
  • Within the Site Activity Dashboard, the Navigator Care Management Activity summary can help you understand how provisioned users are engaging in care management activities, including activities that indicate a user is following up on a seeker, such as viewing a seeker profile or submitting an assessment form.

Why Do I Need to Add My Users to Groups?

By assigning provisioned users to groups, you can choose to enable Team Navigation to enable users in the same group to automatically share referral and navigation activity with other users in their group. Within your analytics suite, you can filter user activity by group, analyze usage trends by group and provide users with access to dashboards that reflect their groups’ data. You can also assign Group Managers to maintain the users assigned to that group and allow them to review detailed analytics for only the groups they are assigned to.

Team Navigation

For any group created on your site, you have the ability to enable Team Navigation. Team Navigation allows users within that group to share the different navigation activities they are taking on behalf of someone they are helping via Seeker Profiles. These profiles include the full history of what their team has done for the person looking for help including Referrals, Navigation Notes, Goals, and Assessments.


Within your analytics suite, you can access reports that show how users in groups are interacting on your site:

Group-Based Analytics

Any site user who has been added to a group or team on a customer’s site will gain access to Group-Based dashboards. Group-Based dashboards provide both high-level and detailed views of data and activity that occurs on your site for the groups that the user is in. These dashboards have the same metrics as the Site Analytics dashboards with the same name, but the data in the dashboards only reflects their groups’ data. These dashboards include:

Group Managers

You can choose to assign one or more Group Managers to groups on your site. Group Managers are a distinct class of users who can add and remove users from their groups but don’t have access to Site Administrator privileges or detailed analytics access to users outside their group(s). This allows provisioned users, who are not Site Administrators, to manage users in their groups.

Assigning Group Managers can reduce the burden of user management from your Site Administrator by allowing users who should not have full Site Administrator access, but should be able to manage a single group, to maintain their group.

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