What can a Group Manager do?

Tier: Basic, Professional, Enterprise


Group Managers are a distinct class of users who can add and remove users from their groups but don’t have access to Site Administrator privileges or detailed analytics access to users outside their group(s). This allows provisioned users who are not Site Administrators to add new users to their group, remove users from their group, or assign additional Group Managers.


There are no limits to the number of group managers in a group

What Features do Group Managers Have Access to?

Group Managers can access some, but not all, tools that a Site Administrator can access. Group Managers can add new users, remove users, and assign additional Group Managers within their group.


Group Manager

Site Administrator

Create/add Users to their Group

Remove Users from their Group

Assign Group Managers within their Group

Deactivate or lock a User


Enable/disable Team Navigation


Create or delete a Group


Update Group name


Update Group description



Site Tools

Group Managers can access the User and Group Management Tool from the Site Tools page to add or remove users and Group Managers in their group.

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