How do I complete an Assessment?

Tier: Enterprise


Assessments can be added onto the search experience to help assess multiple areas of need at once for a person in need. 

Assessments can be made accessible to all staff to complete on behalf of someone they are helping, and/or to the person looking for support to complete on their own. Once the Assessment is completed and submitted, a list of programs that address the needs of the person seeking support is provided. 

Completing an Assessment

After you access an Assessment, a form will open up. 

1. Enter in the details for the individual the assessment is for. Any fields annotated with a * are required to have a response.


2. Once you have completed the assessment scroll to the very bottom of the page and click Review Form.

3. On the Review Form page you have a final opportunity to review the responses before submitting them and creating the profile of the individual in need. 

  • If you notice any parts of the assessment responses need to be edited you can do so by clicking Edit Responses to go back and make the changes you need. 
  • If all looks good and you are ready to proceed, first confirm consent to share the person in need’s details by checking the box to the left of Yes, I consent before clicking Submit.


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