What can I find in the profile of the person I have helped?

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Profiles are useful tools for keeping track of referral information, statuses, and other details about a person looking for support.  A profile is automatically generated when a referral is sent or logged for an individual or Assessment has been completed on behalf of an individual. If your organization has set up a Launch Integration, this also automatically generates a Profile when you access your site through the integration.

A profile is visible to:

  • The person who completed one of the actions listed above on behalf of someone seeking services.
  • Other members of their group, if the person who completed one of the actions listed above on behalf of someone seeking services is in a group with Team Navigation enabled.
  • Programs who receive referrals to their program. This profile view only contains the information shared with them in the referral form. They can also see any referrals to any of their other programs for that same person.


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What Can I Find in the Profile of the Person I Have Helped? 

For step-by-step instructions on accessing a profile, reference the How do I access a person’s profile? article.

The profile is a page that brings together the different navigation activities you or your team are taking on behalf of someone you're helping. If you wish to add additional details to a Profile, you can do so directly in the individual seeking assistance’s profile.


  • Personal Info- Important personal information about the person you are helping such as name, email address, and phone number. Customers with Custom Seeker Profile Fields enabled can view those custom fields here.
  • Household -  Keep track of who is in the person's household.
  • Forms - Start a new Assessment or view completed Assessments and Screeners submitted by or on behalf of the person you are helping. 
  • Documents - Store documents important for helping a person and connecting them to programs.
  • Goals - Organize referrals and track specific areas of needs for the person you are helping.
  • Navigation History - View all referrals made on behalf of the person you are helping and view or update the Status or Notes for each referral.
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