How do I keep track of the person I’m helping’s household relationships?

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Profiles are useful tools for keeping track of referral information and statuses. A profile is automatically generated when a referral is sent or logged for an individual or an Assessment has been completed on behalf of an individual. If your organization has set up a Launch Integration, this automatically generates a Profile when you access your site through the integration.

In the Profile you can create and view household relationships for the people you are helping.  This is a great way to keep track of who is in a person you are helping’s household. For example, a guidance counselor at a school may submit a referral for food assistance on behalf of a student. The best way to follow up with this student might be to contact their parent or guardian. 


Household relationships are visible to the person created it in the profile and to other team members who are in a group where Team Navigation is enabled.

Creating and Viewing Household Relationships

To create or view a person’s household relationship, access the person’s profile through the People I’m Helping dashboard. If you are accessing the site through an integration, you may be able to go directly to the person’s profile through the integration. 


You must be logged in to view Profiles.

For more details about accessing a profile access the How do I access a person’s profile? article.

1. Go to the People I’m Helping drop-down menu and select People.


2. In the People I’m Helping dashboard click on the name of the individual whose profile you wish to view. 


Use the filters or search bar to quickly find the name of the individual whose profile you wish to view.


3. In the profile, locate the Household section, located on the left hand side under the Personal Info section.


Adding Household Details

1. To add other members of an individual’s household to their profile click Create at the bottom of the Household box. 


Household members do not need to have legal relationships with one another.


The profile will default to Head of Household. To edit their relationship reference the Editing Household Details section below. 


Each Household must include one Head of Household. Other members can be made the Head of Household, but the Household will not save without setting a Head of Household.

To add additional household members:  

2. Click the Add Member button 


3. Enter their name, relationship to the Head of Household, and optional information such as date of birth, email address, phone number or comment.


4. Click Save.


  • Households members do not link to the Profiles for those household members.
  • Creating a household member does not create a Profile for that household member.

Viewing and Editing Household Details

Once a Household has been created, the button that formerly said Create will now say Details.

An overview of Household members is visible directly from the Profile. In the collapsed view of the Household, the following information is visible:

  • First and last name for each member
  • Each member’s relationship to the head of household


After clicking Details, the following additional information about each member of the household is visible:

  • Date of birth
  • Relationship to head of household
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Comment (including additional information)


Editing Household Details

To edit a household member’s details:

1. Click Details under the Household section.


2. Click Edit next to the Household member you wish to edit.


3. Make any edits needed.


4. Click Save.

Removing Household Members

To remove a Household Member:

1. Click Details under the Household section.


2. Click X to remove the Household member.


3. Click Save.

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