How can I add important documents to a person’s profile?

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Profiles are useful tools for keeping track of referral information and statuses. A profile is automatically generated when a referral is sent or logged for an individual or an Assessment has been completed on behalf of an individual. If your organization has set up a Launch Integration, this automatically generates a Profile when you access your site through the integration.

In the Profile you can store documents important for helping a person and connecting them to programs. Any document added to a Profile visible to the person who uploaded it and other team members who are in a group where Team Navigation is enabled.


You must be logged in to view Profiles.

Adding Documents to Profiles

To add a document to a Profile,  access the person’s profile through the People I’m Helping dashboard. If you are accessing the site through an integration, you may be able to go directly to the person’s profile through the integration. 

For more details about accessing a profile access the How do I access a person’s profile? article.

1. Go to the People I’m Helping drop-down menu and select People.


2. In the People I’m Helping dashboard click on the name of the individual whose profile you wish to view. 


Use the filters or search bar to quickly find the name of the individual whose profile you wish to view.


3. In the profile, locate the Document section, located on the bottom left hand side of the page.


4. Click Upload. This allows you to search your device for the files you wish to attach. Once they have been selected click Open.



You can upload the following file types: png, jpg, pdf, doc, docx. Each document must be 25MB or less.

View a Document

To view the document:

1. Click on the document name. This will download the document so that you may open it and view it on your device.


Delete a Document

To delete the document:

1. Click the three dots and select Delete.



Deleting is permanent and cannot be undone.

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