How do I keep track of all the areas of need for the person I’m supporting?

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Profiles are useful tools for keeping track of referral information and statuses. A profile is automatically generated when a referral is sent or logged for an individual or Assessment has been completed on behalf of an individual. If your organization has set up a Launch Integration, this will also automatically generate a Profile, when you access your site through the integration.

As you are conducting a search for an individual and referring them to various programs, all of their referrals  automatically populate in the Navigation History section and are sorted by newest to oldest. The Goals section of a profile is where you can organize referrals and track specific areas of needs for the person you are helping.


You must be logged in to view Profiles.

Goals Section

To view, edit and add goals, access the person’s profile through the People I’m Helping dashboard. If you are accessing the site through an integration, you may be able to go directly to the person’s profile through the integration. 

For more details about accessing a profile access the How do I access a person’s profile? article.

1. Go to the People I’m Helping drop-down menu and select People.


2. In the People I’m Helping dashboard click on the name of the individual whose profile you wish to view. 


Use the filters or search bar to quickly find the name of the individual whose profile you wish to view.


The Goals section is located at the top center of the profile. There you can view any previously created goals, add new goals, view or update the status or notes associated with a goals, and view any referrals associated with goals. 


Adding Goals

To create a goal:

1. Go to the Goals section and click Add Goal.


2. In the Add Goal window you can select from the drop-down menu what type of goal you are making. You may also enter in a Goal Description before clicking Save.


After clicking Save you can see your new goal in the Goals box.




Some goals are automatically created based on needs identified in an Assessment.

Add Referrals to Goals

Adding referrals to goals is a great way to organize your referrals and keep track of support being done to address the goal. 


A goal must be created before you can add referrals to it.

To add referrals to a goal:

1. Go to the Navigation History box and click Add/Remove Goals on the choose referral.


This opens a drop-down menu of all the available goals so you may select the best one to match it with. For example, a person may be dealing with food scarcity so we make one of their goals to be to connect them with food programs by choosing Food in the drop-down menu.


When the goal is selected the referral moves to the Goals section under the selected goal collapsable menu.


Tracking Goal Progress

You can manage and track the progress of addressing goals by updating the Status and adding Notes. 

Update the Status of Goals

You can view the current status of a goal, directly under the name of the goal:

To  update the status of a goal: 

1. In the Goals section, click the arrow next to the specific goal.

2. Select the appropriate status from the dropdown menu located to the left of the Goal box. The status will automatically update.


Adding Notes to Goals

Add a note to your goal to keep track of your progress. 

1. In the Goals section, click the arrow next to the specific goal you want to add a note to.

2. Click the Add Note button.


3. Type your note and then click Save.


Closing Goals

Once the goal is complete, it can be closed by clicking the gear icon and selecting, Close this Goal.


To see closed goals, click the + show closed button located right under the Goals section. 


To reopen a closed goal, click the gear icon on the closed goal and select Re-open this Goal.



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