A person needs help. How do I find resources?

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Your site allows anyone in need to find free and reduced cost social service programs in their area that can serve them. Anyone using the platform can conduct searches, share program information, and create referrals on their own or on behalf of someone else.

When searching on behalf of others, it is highly recommended that you log in to your site. Logging into your site provides you access to additional site tools and functionality that allow for tracking if the person you are supporting got the help they need and collaboration within your team. 

How to Find Resources

To search for resources:

1. From the home page enter in the ZIP code in the ZIP field for the area you would like to conduct your search in. 

2. Click the Search button.


3. To continue your search you have two options: 

  • Search by category
  • Search by keyword


Search by Category

To search by category:

1. Select a category and subcategory from the category navigation bar. The numbers displayed in parentheses indicate how many programs are available in that subcategory. 



Based on your site configuration, you may see different categories and subcategories from what is displayed above.


Want to learn more about category and subcategory organization? Visit The Open Eligibility Project.

When you select one of those options, you are taken to a list of programs in that category/subcategory. 

Search by Keyword

To search by keyword:

1. Type in a keyword, program name, or organization name in the search box. 


If you want to search in a different ZIP code, type the ZIP into the search box.


2. (optional) Select from the list of categories or programs that appear. 


3. Click the magnifying glass icon.


You are taken to a list of programs based on your keyword search.

Your Search Results 


Learn more about how search works here: Search Overview.

In your search results, the related programs display  based on your selection. By default, programs in search results are sorted by relevance. Relevance boosts programs that may be more likely to help. 


Although you can sort search results by what programs are the closest, we recommended keeping search results sorted by relevance. This ensures that you see programs that best match what you searched for higher in the search results. For example, with relevance sorting, programs are boosted higher in search results if they are claimed, local, or serve anyone in need. Similarly, if programs are not currently available, programs are moved down in search results as they are less likely to be able to help. 


Use Program Filters to narrow your search results to programs available in a specific area.

Learn more about narrowing program results in the next article: A person has specific needs. How do I know a program will serve them?

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