3.17.2020 - New Next Step on Program Card, COVID-19 Banner, and Gender Filter Updates

New “Next Step” on Program Card

We’ve added “get a referral” as a next step on the program card and programs details page. The next step can link to either the Aunt Bertha program or the external organization where the person needs to get the referral. The Connect Button itself will say “See Next Steps” for this use case.

This will be helpful in cases like Temporary Shelters where the next step is to go through another program, like ECHO, for coordinated entry.

Seekers will have the best next step to connect and get help, while building trust with Community Based Organizations who require referrals from third parties.


COVID-19 Banner

We added a banner to all sites for resources related and hotlines related to COVID-19.

Updated Gender Filter & Behavior

When filtering by gender, say, "female", we will also include programs that serve all genders as well.




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