7.15.2020 - Improved Assessment Workflow for Helpers

We have a feature called Seeker Context that allows Helpers to navigate on behalf of specific Seekers. When in Seeker Context, the main benefit to the Helper is that all referral forms are autofilled with the Seeker's information. This saves them time and decreases the likelihood of creating a duplicate profile.


After an Assessment is submitted, we show programs that can help meet any needs that were identified so that Seekers can be connected. Those search results are specific to the Seeker so it makes sense that Helpers would be put into Seeker Context following an Assessment, so that they can easily make referrals for the Seeker. Now, when a Helper fills out an Assessment for a Seeker, they will be put into Seeker Context when viewing search results (Highlighted Search and Program Recommendation Summary).

Additionally, in the Forms section of the Seeker Profile, Helpers can view search results generated by past Assessments to make additional referrals. Now, when Helpers click “See Search” they will also be put into Seeker Context so that they can easily make referrals to those programs.

With these changes, it becomes even easier to make referrals and connect your Seekers to the programs they need!




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