10.09.2020 - Introducing the Program Cart!

Program Cart

Often people are looking for different kinds of programs on the platform. They may want to connect, share, or print any number of programs that they find while using the site. Now it's even easier with the new Program Cart!

The Program Cart allows users to select multiple programs across multiple categories and pages. Once selected, the user can view their cart and make bulk actions like saving, emailing, and printing.

Simply click the multi-select button on a program to add a program to your cart.


When you're ready, choose the programs you selected at the bottom of the screen. This will open your program cart where you can save, email, or print all of the programs in your cart at once.


To Connect or make a Referral, the user would click on the program link to access the Connect button, and make the referral from the Program page.

We hope you find this new tool helpful as you continue to Connect the people you're serving to programs that can help!




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