12.17.2020 - Sharing Notes with Programs and Group Managers

Shared Notes between Helpers and Programs

Programs and people helping others connect to programs (Helpers) sometimes need to share information beyond a referral to ensure that a Seeker gets help. Notes on referrals can now be shared between the Helper and the Program for additional visibility and communication! Learn more.


Introducing Group Managers

Customers manage the users on their site using the User and Group Management tool. Previously, this tool was only available to Site Administrators who could also do things like assign reporting, or change featured programs. However, other users need to be able to manage membership to their groups without having having the full Site Administrator privileges.

Today we are introducing Group Managers. Group Managers can manage adding and removing people from their group without being a full site admin. To see all of the things they’re allowed to do, check out this article.




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