2.22.2021 - Uploading Documents on Eligibility Screeners

Have you ever wanted an easy way to collect eligibility documents from people seeking services from your programs?

Today we have added the ability to do that through Screeners! A Screener is an eligibility form that will allow claimed programs to gather additional information from people in need who are attempting to receive your services (Seekers).

There is a new question type on Screeners that will allow Programs to set up the option for Seekers and Helpers to upload documents directly to the screening form. This will provide a secure way for them to upload helpful documents such as proof of income, proof of address, etc. The option to provide documents up front can reduce some back-and-forth between the person looking for services and the Program, leading to a more efficient connection to needed services.

When setting up this question type, it may not be set as "required" to ensure that we don't pose an undue hardship or create a potential barrier to seekers.

Visit this page on Screener Settings to learn how to add a screener to your programs.




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