3.11.2021 - Accessing COVID-19 Vaccine Programs in Search


This post describes what programs we are currently listing on findhelp.org for COVID-19 vaccine distribution and how these programs can be found though searching.

What Vaccine Programs are on findhelp.org?

Our internal Data Team is reviewing and adding new COVID vaccine programs.

  • Once the vaccine is available for people in the community, most programs will be listed at the State level.

  • Each program has been vetted by our team and will show higher in search results.

  • The programs will be tagged with the vaccinations service tag

  • The programs will be tagged with the infectious disease and covid19 situation tags

  • The following age tags are applied to programs: teens, young adults, adults, and seniors. (Currently these vaccines are only approved for ages 16+.)

The goal is to reflect the truth for that state; our team is doing extensive research to ensure details in these statewide programs are the record of truth. Programs are being review 2-3x weekly.

How to Search for Vaccine Programs

Statewide COVID vaccine programs are titled “COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Distribution.

  1. Navigate to findhelp.org or your custom site

  2. Type your zip code in the search bar on the homepage

    1. In the search bar, type in the word “vaccine” OR

    2. Use the navigation bar at the top: hover over the Health category → hover over Medical Care → and click the word “vaccinations”




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