3.8.2021 - New Customer Network Overview Dashboard

As a Customer, you are an integral part of the network, helping to connect people in needs to services in your area.

Sometimes it helps to understand the entire network and how the activities on your site(s) are the same and different. For example, you may see a spike in housing needs and want to understand if it’s something specific to the community you're serving, or if it’s a resource that’s in demand across the broader network.

The Network Overview Dashboard provides insight into these questions and shows your sites data compared in aggregate to the overall network.

Use this dashboard to:

  • Understand needs and connections for your greater community and network

  • Answer questions relating to your specific population, versus the rest of the network in your area

    • Are all members of my community increasingly needing housing? Or just those we serve?

  • Benchmark against your network for users, searches, and connections

In doing so, you can provide additional services to your community, work collaboratively to address needs impacting your broader community, or set goals for users and connections you'd like to see on your site(s).




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