3.8.2021 - Updated Claimed Program Dashboard

As a community based organization (CBO) providing social services to members of your community, you need to understand how people are interacting with your program, so you can show the impact and outcomes of your program.

The Claimed Program Dashboard has been refreshed to so that you can better understand how people are using the site from the perspective of your program.

This updated dashboard gives you new insights for users are interacting with your program from search to referral. Use this dashboard to:

  • Quantify the different ways people are interacting with your program(s) to include in evaluations, grants and fundraising, and external reporting to funders and/or regulators

  • Show impact through referral data which highlights program effectiveness and the need for additional resources or staff.

  • Demonstrate innovation and show funders that you are looking ahead, infusing your processes with technology to create efficiencies and provide deeper insights of your work.




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