6.7.2021 - Households

For Care Managers that work with households or families, they need a way to easily keep track of household members. This is especially important for children's hospitals, city governments, and other child-serving organizations that could use Aunt Bertha for early childhood development programs and foster systems.

Care Managers need a way to record and see who is in a seeker’s household to provide better care. This includes name, contact information, date of birth, and relationship to the person they’re helping.

For example, a guidance counselor at a school may submit a referral for food assistance on behalf of a student. The best way to follow up with this student might be to contact their parent or guardian. If we provide a way for a Care Manager to see who is in a household, we can help deliver better informed care.

To help Care Managers track who lives with Seekers, we have added Households, which will allow Care Managers to create and display household relationships from the Seeker Profile.

How Does This Work?

Let’s say you are a Care Manager working with a Seeker who is a minor so you want to create a household in order to view their parents. This way, you know who to contact to obtain consent.

  • Directly from a Seeker Profile, Care Managers can create a household and set a “head of household” as well as add additional members to a household
  • To create a household there has to be an existing Seeker Profile and a household must have one head of household
  • From the profile, Care Managers can see basic information for members of that Seeker’s household such as first name, last name and their relationship to the head of household
  • The option to open a detailed view of the household is available and additionally includes an optional relationship comment, date of birth and age, phone and email fields
  • Household members can be edited and removed if necessary

Currently Not Included with This Feature

  • Households members will not be direct links to their Seeker Profiles.
  • Adding a member to a household does not create a Seeker Profile for them. This means that referrals for household members aren’t currently possible.
  • Household members will not be matched to preexisting Seeker profiles. Using the above screenshot, this means that if you add Sally to the household and Sally is a Seeker herself and has her own Seeker Profile, this household is not matching to her Seeker profile.
  • Seeker Profiles currently can’t display multiple households. For example, if Chris is a a step-parent and his former partner lives in a different house with some of their children, we would not be able to create two separate households for Chris.

Who can see Households?

  • Only Care Managers who have access to the Seeker Profile are able to view the profile’s household.
  • Seekers are not able to view Households.



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