7.16.2021 - Assignee

Today we are releasing the Assignee feature to give Care Managers the ability to see who is managing care for a Seeker. This will make it easier for Care Managers to find and follow up with their assigned Seekers on their Sites.

Assigning a Care Manager

In Seeker Profiles, there is a new section titled “Assignment.” Included in this section is the Assign to Me button. Clicking this button allows users to assign Seekers to themselves, which they can later filter by in the People I’m Helping Dashboard.

Note: This feature allows Care Managers to assign Seekers to themselves only, they will not be able to assign Seekers to other members of their team.

When the user has assigned themselves to the Seeker, the assignee’s name is visible in the Seeker Profile.

Viewing and Filtering by Assignee

In the People I’m Helping Dashboard, there is a new filter called Assignee. Users will have the option to filter by Seekers who are assigned to themselves. Additionally, there will be a new column called Assignee in which users can view who each Seeker is assigned.

Assignee Filter in People I’m Helping:

Assignee Column in People I’m Helping:

Removing Assignee

To remove the assignee, users can click the “X” next to the name of the Assignee in the Seeker Profile.




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