7.22.2021 - Site Tools

Today we have released the Site Tools feature to all Site Admins!

Site Tools is a portal that helps Site Admins easily customize their Site. Site Admins can open Site Tools by clicking “Site Tools” in the Site Tools dropdown.

Soon, we will be moving the "Edit Users and Groups" link under the Site Tools page as well. 

The Site Tools pages includes the following information / tools (if applicable):

  • Product Tour
  • Customize My Site
  • Invite My Team
  • Analytics

Product Tour

The Product Tour is a short video introducing users to the platform.

Customize My Site

This links to the Customize my site page where Customers can update the look and feel of the Site.

Invite My Team

Invite My Team links to the Edit Users and Groups tool where Customers can manage their users and create groups to provision users for access.


Analytics links to a Customers Site Analytics.





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