8.31.2021 - Profile Summary: Add Notes and Update Referral Status

We recently added a Profile Summary to the People I’m Helping Dashboard, which allows Navigators to view a Summary of a Seeker’s Profile without ever leaving the People I’m Helping Dashboard.

Now, Navigators can add referral notes and update the status of referrals directly in the Summary!

The “Summary” includes:

  • A Seeker’s personal information such as their name and contact information (if provided)

  • A chronological list of a Seeker’s referrals, their statuses, and referral notes

  • A link to the Seeker’s full profile where you can view and interact with goals, documents, households and more 

On the Dashboard, Navigators can click the "Summary" button next to each Seeker to view their Profile Summary. Additionally, Navigators can update the status of the referral and add a referral note.




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