9.22.2021 - Sort Programs in Favorite Folders

When you find a great program, you may want to save it for easy access. The best way to save these programs, is by using Favorites Folders.

The sorting of Favorites Folders previously only offered a default setting, which sorted the list by distance or name of Organization, depending if it was a public or private folder.

Now, personal Favorites Folders can be sorted in any order! This allows you to organize programs however you'd like. For example, if I have a list of programs, I may want the program that I refer to most to show at the top so that I can easily make referrals to that program.

To sort programs:

  1. Choose a Favorites Folder

  2. Click Edit at the top right of the folder

  3. Select “Move” for the program you want to move

  4. Choose what position the program should show

  5. Click “Update

Check out this article for more information about Favorites, and additional notes about sorting. 




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