11.18.2021 - Group-Based Analytics for Customers

All Customers have access to a standard suite of Site Analytics that give insight into all the activity happening on your platform. Here, you can see data such as search trends as well as trends about the Referrals and Assessments that have been made on your sites.

Any Worker on a site can be given access to these dashboards by adding the Worker to a standard reporting group, but when they do, they see activity for the entire site.

Sometimes, Customers want staff to have access to these Analytics, but only for their designated groups, so as not to overshare information. This is especially relevant when working with Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

To meet this need, we are introducing Group-Based Analytics!

What's New?

Group-based Analytics allow users to see analytics related to the actions taken by themselves and members of their group(s). Workers will automatically have access to three aggregate dashboards:

These dashboards have the same metrics as the site-wide analytics dashboards with the same name, but the data returned in these dashboards will only reflect the user's activity plus the activities of anyone in their group(s).

Workers will have a My_Groups filter, so that they can adjust the dashboard should they be in multiple groups.

The new Group-based dashboards will give staff key data and insights to make impactful and strategic decisions regarding how you serve your Seekers!




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