12.15.2021 - Customer MySQL Database Updates

Over the last year, we have received feedback for improvements for the findhelp Customer MySQL Database offering. Today, the final updates for the year are now live.

Over the past two weeks, we released a two small fixes:

  • Our goals table previously included duplicate rows; duplicates have been removed.

  • The worker_groups table now reliably shows the correct status of each group. 

Today we are rolling out new data elements to MySQL Database:

Worker Status

  • We added data for the status of a worker (active, pending, inactive) to the worker_profiles table. 

    • This allows you to track and monitor your staff’s access to the platform.

Seeker Context and External IDs

  • We added a new seeker_context table. 

    •  Seeker Context is when a Worker is working on behalf of a specific Seeker and the Seeker context is recognized before the initiation of an activity, search, referral. Workers initiate Seeker Context when they launch through an integration, or through buttons like “Start a Referral” or “Start a Form” on the Seeker Profile.

  • With this table, you are able to tie together the Seeker information, Worker information, and activities that happened while the Worker was navigating on behalf of the Seeker. 

  • It also allows you to link external identifiers that are passed from your system of record during a launch integration, but are otherwise not shown on the findhelp platform. This will help you connect activity details for Seekers based on external identifiers.

Updated documentation can be found by logging in to the findhelp Developers Portal. If you need access, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.




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